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MCU-09 Actuator 9 channels KNX

Actuator for 9 motors with 2 end switches, automatic measuring of the running time, binary input for 9 conventional push-buttons or to use as 18 binary inputs

MCU-SMI – SMI blind actuator KNX

The SMI blind actuator is used to control up to 8 SMI-drives AC 230V

PSX-320 Power Supply Unit KNX 320 mA

Power supply unit with integrated choke for generating and observating the KNX system voltage.

PS24-1500 Power supply 24V DC / 1500mA

The power supply suits for all products which need a power supply of 24V DC

Interface SCS – KNX(TP)

Via the Interface SCS – KNX(TP) the SCS is connected to the KNX(TP) twisted-pair network. It is possible to use multiple Interfaces SCS – KNX(TP) in one KNX-system.

NS-05 – 5port network switch

Network switch for connecting KNXnet/IP devices, e.g. the SunControlServer and the interfaces SCS – KNX (TP).

PBI-02 Push button interface, 2-fold UP KNX

Universal interface for 2 potential-free contacts

LSL – Limit switch for light

Universally applicable limit switch for the brightness-dependent control of electrically operated exterior blinds, awnings, etc. Incl. External sensor for brightness measurement in the range of 2 – 80 kLux.

LSW – Limit Switch for Wind

Universally applicable limit switch for the wind monitoring to protect electrically operated exterior blinds, awnings, etc. Incl. outer sensor for the measuring range from wind force 2-8.

GC-02 Group Control for 2 motors

Control relay for controlling blinds and roller shutter motors with mechanical or electronic limit switches. For parallel operation of up to 2 blind or roller shutter motors without unallowed parallel switching of the drives.