• Reset

Final position from the motor in operating position. Corresponds to the 3rd-limit switch with box motors or a virtual position which would then correspond to a third-limit switch

Totally closed (lower stop position)

Mechanical operating position of the supporting product (Venetian blind).

Are commands for general, security-related automatic systems in the control centre (Shadowing-, Temperature-, Heat-, or Input program). Automatic commands are not executed in the case of an active automatic lock.

In case of active automatic lock of the motor control, no commands are executed by the control centre (except security commands). The automatic lock is reset by means of a time control. Automatic lock active = LED on the sensing device lights up No automatic lock = LED on the sensing device remainsdark

A program in the control centre that is predefined for a specific purpose (e.g. Wind, Rain, Frost, Shadowing, Input, Output etc.)

Shadowing program

Connection of motor to the control device. A control device with e.g. 2 channels can activate two motors

Function (Storage position) in case of EIB/KNX on which a command is received or sent by the bus system.

The following controls are possible:
– local control
– group control
– sector control
– central control

Time between closing the lamellae and falling into the shadowing position. In case of actuators of Venetian blinds with final position detectors, the dark phase is very short, since the final position is identified directly.

Automatic identification of the limit switch in the motor. The delay is calibrated by this and falls immediately after reaching the lower stop position or it will signal error detection. By the permanent calibration, Ächanges are identified and compensated for in the motor (e.g. changes in speed due to thermal differences, weathering etc.).

Not used any more. Refer to final position detection (Reason: The switch need not be compulsorily detected …).

Transparent position (corresponds to P4)

Generic term for commands, which actuate a drive motion on the motor (Start, Shut, P1, P2, P3, P4, see-saw, Height, Angle).

European Installation-Bus. Open, standardised Bus for manufacturers of the electrical branches. The standardised ETS Software is created and maintained by the parent organization EIBA.

Limit switch. Two designs are possible in case of Venetian blind motors (box motors): 2 Limit switch-motors or 3 Limit switch-motors. Hangings with 3 Limit switch-motors always start-off on open.

Automatic program which actuates a security system in the case of frost (link between rain and temperature). Short term FP

Frost program

Operation, which provides multiple supporting products (a Group). The group can be operated electrically or even mechanically (coupled).

Threshold value

The “hanging” part of Venetian blinds, blinds or rolling shutter. The hanging is required for the momentary shadowing function.

Position of the hanging Height 0 = totally on top (Transparency, no hanging extended) Height 255 = totally below (no transparency, closed)

Thermal program, comparison between the two temperature threshold values such as internal-/external temperature (4-Quadrants control)

Approval mark for Konnex-equipment. Konnex is the amalgamation of EIB, EHS and Batibus. Short: Successor of EIB

see communication objects

Angle of the lamella position. Angle 0 = maximum opened Angle 255 = maximum closed

Venetian blind, product with lamellae

Time from totally closed to maximum opening of the lamellae

Differentiated into the following “last positions” – Local command (from the electronic control) – central control (from the control centre, or in the System as “central” effective command is repeated) – Automatic command (the last command of an automatic system is from the control centre)

Limit switch in the curtain motor

Command to the electronic control from a local operation, central or other bus command, which performs the function of a local operation. (e.g. the command is not executed in the case of security system which activates an automatic lock etc.).

Operation, which is connected directly to the electronic control unit. (physical sensing device)

Name of the products:
_ _ PRO = Griesser range Pro
_ _MAG = Easy Basis and Easy Comfort range
_ _EIB = EIB _ _X range = KONNEX (KNX) range
FM_ _ _ = FlexModul (central unit)
M_ _ _ _ = Motor control unit
MS_ _ _ = Control unit for 3ES
MD_ _ _ = Control unit for DC-Motors
MG_ _ _ = Control unit with group input
MB_ _ _ = Control unit for DMI-Motors
MA_ _ _ = General motor control unit (simple function)
MU_ _ _ = Universal motor control unit

Match-Code for range of products Easy, e.g. MSMAG (MAG stands for the former MULTRONIC AG)

When the local operation is disabled, this is indicated by the blinking of the sensing device.

Operation (Local operation) is restricted. Thus when it is windy, a fabric can have a restricted extention only or ensures that lamellar products can be operated without the sun (energy) coming into the room.

Sequence of movements in order to ensure that the supporting material stays properly and constantly returns to the target position.

Automatic system which activates a shadowing command when bright. Short notation BP

6-byte KNX communication object for the interconnection between weather control centre and motor control units. All commands of the control centre (like shadowing-, time- and security commands) are sent to the motor control units by means of the same group address for up to 512 sectors (facade sections). The allocation to the sector is adjusted on the motor control unit for each channel.


The time to control the height of a hanging hoisted from the top in its mechanical operating position (AST) or