Quadra® – solar shading control unit for 8 sectors KNX

Integrated sensors
All sensor values of the Quadra® solar shading control unit can be send to the KNX bus.

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    Wind sensor (ultrasonic)

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    Brightness (north, east, south, west, sky)

  • null

    Global radiation (north, east, south, west, sky)

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Weather station and solar shading contol unit for up to 8 sectors. The device contains the sensors and automatic programs listed below. It is completely free configurable. The data is send via EIB/KNX bus. The device provides central evaluation of brightness, different shading strategies and several automatic functions. Automatic programs, as listed below, can be freely selected for each sector. Locking functions van be selected for each of the 3 security objects. Date and time as well as position are received via the integrated M2M mobile module which also supports remote access. Product database from ETS 3.0f.

Security programs

  • 2 wind programs
  • 2 precipitation programs
  • 2 frost programs
  • 1 global radiation programm

Comfort programs

  • 4 shading programs
  • 1 temperature program
  • 1 heat program
  • 2 twilight programs
  • 2 time programs
  • 16 input programs

Further functions

  • limit values alterable via EIB/KNX
  • solar tracking
  • fault report for sensors
  • positioning possible per program

Technical data

Dimensions 150x150x155mm
Supply voltage 24V DC / 1500mA

KNX Touch-Display 3,5″

KNX Touch-Display 3,5″
– 3,5″ TFT-color display with touch control functionality
– 6 operating pages
– specially adapted display, control and alarm functions for Quadra weather controller
– display/ setting of date and time
– display of sensor values
– measurement and transfer of room temperature
– adaption of limit values (automatic programmes)
– enable/ disable automatic programmes
– operation of sectors (movement commands)
– set of locks such as maintenance/ cleaning
– display of security functions and error status

Technical data
– supply voltage 9-32VDC (approx. 1.5W)
– connection KNX and supply voltage via bus connection block
– flush-mounting
– dimensions 82 x 82 x 22 mm
– aluminum black anodized

SCS – SunControlServer® KNX

Data base with desktop for the automation of sun protection facilities. Computer system with user interface. With central analysis of the brightness, different strategies of shading, several automation functions, consideration of neighbouring buildings.

Technical details
Data base with desktop
Time function and calendar
different automations of shading
central analysis of brightness
control of sun tracking
consideration of neighbouring buildings
cleaning and automation interlock
central control
access protection with password
type SCS 02 for 50 sectors maximum
integrated telemaintenance via internet port 80
integrated Teamviewer software

Embedded Server 1,6GHz
operating system WES09