European Installation-Bus. Open, standardised Bus for manufacturers of the electrical branches. The standardised ETS Software is created and maintained by the parent organization EIBA.


Operation, which provides multiple supporting products (a Group). The group can be operated electrically or even mechanically (coupled).


Approval mark for Konnex-equipment. Konnex is the amalgamation of EIB, EHS and Batibus. Short: Successor of EIB

Match code

Name of the products:
_ _ PRO = Griesser range Pro
_ _MAG = Easy Basis and Easy Comfort range
_ _EIB = EIB _ _X range = KONNEX (KNX) range
FM_ _ _ = FlexModul (central unit)
M_ _ _ _ = Motor control unit
MS_ _ _ = Control unit for 3ES
MD_ _ _ = Control unit for DC-Motors
MG_ _ _ = Control unit with group input
MB_ _ _ = Control unit for DMI-Motors
MA_ _ _ = General motor control unit (simple function)
MU_ _ _ = Universal motor control unit


Match-Code for range of products Easy, e.g. MSMAG (MAG stands for the former MULTRONIC AG)


6-byte KNX communication object for the interconnection between weather control centre and motor control units. All commands of the control centre (like shadowing-, time- and security commands) are sent to the motor control units by means of the same group address for up to 512 sectors (facade sections). The allocation to the sector is adjusted on the motor control unit for each channel.