KNX Touch-Display 3,5″

KNX Touch-Display 3,5″
– 3,5″ TFT-color display with touch control functionality
– 6 operating pages
– specially adapted display, control and alarm functions for Quadra weather controller
– display/ setting of date and time
– display of sensor values
– measurement and transfer of room temperature
– adaption of limit values (automatic programmes)
– enable/ disable automatic programmes
– operation of sectors (movement commands)
– set of locks such as maintenance/ cleaning
– display of security functions and error status

Technical data
– supply voltage 9-32VDC (approx. 1.5W)
– connection KNX and supply voltage via bus connection block
– flush-mounting
– dimensions 82 x 82 x 22 mm
– aluminum black anodized


Client user interface for the SunControlServer (SCS). Browser-based access for operating and monitoring the entire sun protection control, e.g. manual operation, switching automatic on/ off, changing limit values, adjusting time programs, displaying the current weather data as well as the recorded sensor values. Protected user login via LAN. Responsive design for automatic adjustment of the display on different end devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, etc.

PBI-02 Push button interface, 2-fold UP KNX

The universal interface includes 2 channels. They can be parameterized as in- or outputs. Standard push buttons, potential-free contacts or electronic relais can be connected. The maximum distance between contact an interface is 10m.

Technical data
– Supply via KNX
– Dimensions 40 x 40 x 12 mm
– for potential-free contacts