PSX-640 Power Supply Unit KNX 640 mA

Power supply unit with integrated choke for generating and observating the KNX system voltage.
Bus connection via bus connection block.

Technical data
– Power 230V 50Hz
– N-System DIN-rail mounted device 3SU
– with integrated choke
– Output current 640 mA

Interface SCS – KNX(TP)

Via the Interface SCS – KNX(TP) the SCS is connected to the KNX(TP) twisted-pair network. It is possible to use multiple Interfaces SCS – KNX(TP) in one KNX-system. In this case also the communication between lines/ areas can run via the interfaces. Inside the ETS (from version 3.0d) the Interface SCS – KNX(TP) can be used as interface to programme KNX-devices and for diagnostics via LAN. The device uses the KNXnet/ IP protocol. Connection to KNX line via bus connection block, connection to IP network via RJ45 jack.

Technical Data
– N-System DIN-rail mounted device 2 SU
– Power 12 to 30 V AC/ DC

NS-05 – 5port network switch

Network switch for connecting KNXnet/IP devices, e.g. the SunControlServer and the interfaces SCS – KNX (TP). The device can be mounted on a DIN-rail and has 5 RJ-45 ports. One port is easily accessible on the front of the device for maintenance purposes.

Technical Data
– N-System DIN-rail mounted device 2 SU
– Power 24V DC
– 5 x RJ-45 sockets
– Transmission rate 10/100 Mbit/s