Final position from the motor in operating position. Corresponds to the 3rd-limit switch with box motors or a virtual position which would then correspond to a third-limit switch


Mechanical operating position of the supporting product (Venetian blind).

Dark phase

Time between closing the lamellae and falling into the shadowing position. In case of actuators of Venetian blinds with final position detectors, the dark phase is very short, since the final position is identified directly.


Limit switch. Two designs are possible in case of Venetian blind motors (box motors): 2 Limit switch-motors or 3 Limit switch-motors. Hangings with 3 Limit switch-motors always start-off on open.


The “hanging” part of Venetian blinds, blinds or rolling shutter. The hanging is required for the momentary shadowing function.


Position of the hanging Height 0 = totally on top (Transparency, no hanging extended) Height 255 = totally below (no transparency, closed)