MCU-04E extension module 4 channels

  • extension for MCU-04X
  • 4 motors 230V AC
  • 8 binary inputs
  • automatic detection of end positions
  • SunControlObject
  • direct App control
MCU-04E extension module 4 channels

Blind actuator extension 4 fold, for drives with 2 end switches, automatic runtime measurement, binary inputs for 4 standard push buttons or 8 single inputs, feedback of motor positon and status, different shading products preconfigured, automatic lock, test push buttons, integrated logic functions.

Technical data
– N-System DIN-rail mounted device 4SU
– Power 230V/50Hz
– Motor 4x230V AC/2,5A 2 end switches

Use in combination with MCU-04X only!

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