Daylight Guiding Blinds Perfectly Positioned

When dealing with the daily issues from all over the world, the Bundestag members and civil servants of the German Bundestag are supported by a comfortable sun protection automation provided by BMS.
Far more than 3000 internal daylight gudiing blinds ensure the best light conditions in the rooms at any time. The BMS blind actuators are the link between the automation and the drive of the slats. The devices permanently learn the running time of the motors and, incidentally, take into account the effects of aging. The users product selection was focussed on simple integration as well as smart operation and maintenance.
Another requirement is to avoid damage of the blinds when hitting an open window. The integrated logic gate in the blind actuator is used for this purpose. This eliminates the need for additional components like logic devices and reduces the programming for the integrator.
BMS is involved with high-tech when politicians and civil servants are concerned with solving the world’s problems.


German Bundestag – Berlin (DE) Objekt

German Bundestag - Berlin (2016)


silver line - KNX


MCU-02 blind actuators
PBI-02 push button interfaces