Translucent Vertical Lamellas

The office building is spread over four floors and offers space for central meeting, conference, social, archive and storage rooms as well as a few dozen single and multi-user offices. The sun protection on the east, the south and the west facade is ensured by vertical, translucent large louvre blind with expanded metal covering. These are automatically positioned on the south side on the ground floor, the first floor and in the conference area on the second floor. Depending on the external brightness, the tracking is activated according to the sun azimuth, which ensures glare-free working at the computer workstations or during presentations. With a push-button in the office, every user can also individually control the slats according to individual needs, thus deactivating the sun control system for a limited time. The control system also protects against mechanical damage caused by weather conditions such as wind or frost. And the maintenance functions activated via key-switches ensure that no worker is injured by a moving blind during window cleaning or the maintenance.


Office Building – Pfarrkirchen (DE) Objekt

Office building - Pfarrkirchen (2015)


silver line - KNX


Quadra solar shading control unit with Touch-Display
MCU-09 blind actuators