MCU-16 SMI LoVo – SMI blind actuator KNX

  • 4 SMI outputs
  • 16 SMI-LoVo drives 24V DC
  • 8 binary inputs
  • exact positioning & feedback
  • SunControlObject
  • direct App control
MCU-16 SMI LoVo – SMI blind actuator KNX

SMI blind actuator to control up to 16 SMI-LoVo drives 24V DC. The actuator provides 4 separate SMI outputs and 4/8 inputs for connection of standard push buttons or potential-free contacts. Each output can be controlled as a group or each drive can be addressed individually. Digital control of the drive achieves very high positioning accuracy and position feedback. In addition, status messages from the SMI drive can be sent to the KNX. Product database from ETS4 Professional.

Technical data
– N-System DIN-rail mounted device 4SU
– Power 230V/50Hz
– KNX-bus 29V
– Motor 16x24V DC/SMI-LoVo

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