GC-04 Group Control for 4 motors

  • up to 4 motors
  • no unallowed parallel operation
GC-04 Group Control for 4 motors

Control relay for controlling blinds and roller shutter motors with mechanical or electronic limit switches. For parallel operation of up to 4 blind or roller shutter motors without unallowed parallel switching of the drives. When more than 4 motors are controlled, it is possible to connect several group controllers in parallel.
Central control input for simultaneous driving of all connected motors. Blind switches or push buttons, timers, KNX blind actuators and various control devices with potential-free contacts can be used.

Technical data
N-System DIN-rail mounted device 6,5 SU
– Power supply 230V/ 50Hz
– Control voltage 230V/ 50Hz
– Switch contacts 2A (AC1/ cos phi 0.6)

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