LSW – Limit Switch for Wind

  • wind force 2 – 8 (2 – 20 m/s)
  • sensor powered via switch unit
  • adjustable on-/ off-delay
  • potential free outputs
LSW – Limit Switch for Wind

Universally applicable limit switch for the wind monitoring to protect electrically operated exterior blinds, awnings, etc. Incl. outer sensor for the measuring range from wind force 2-8. The wind sensor is supplied with potential-free low voltage (PELV) through the limit switch.
LED display when the set limit value is exceeded. Adjustable on and off delay for a stable system with variable mesuring values. Setting whether the relay contact is limited in the event of an alarm (impulse) or permanently activated.


Technical data
– N-System DIN-rail mounted device 1 SU
– Sensor approx. 70 x 105 mm
– Power supply 230V/ 50Hz
– potential free control contacts (max. 230V/ 50Hz, 10A)
– Measuring range wind force 2 – 8

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